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Clear out stagnation to promote healing and find clarity

what is energy balancing and reiki

By connecting to and channeling the Universal energy that is constantly around us, we clear detrimental energies serving no purpose except holding back your true potential, and invite in clear vital energy to take its place. Your body is intelligent and takes the energy exactly where you need it most. Just as water in a dehydrated body does not need to be told where it is needed, it simply flows there.

What is the spark that moves our essence through our bodies? Something was ignited to cause our heart to beat, and lungs to draw air. Our life force is an enigma, but I do understand that it's there. I am alive. One of my favorite ways to describe moving energy is by comparing it to the wind. We can not see wind, but it's evidence is there in the moving of the branches and leaves in the trees. As we can measure the wind with an anemometer, we can also measure the energy in the brain with an EEG machine. It is there.

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Release relationship trauma

Explore your Past present and future

Catalyze Deep healing

Psychic Reiki

Akashic Records

Cord Cutting

Energy sessions help balance the essence in you. It helps facilitate a feeling of well being by adjusting the extremes, and bringing you back to neutral. This in turn creates an ideal environment for your over all good health. It has the ability to effect us on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


one hour healing session

Psychic Reiki Session

Energy work and Reiki know no bounds. This a DEEP healing session designed to start a healing process. Underlying beliefs, ancestral ties, low vibrations in the body. Your body talks and I listen. I am a conduit, a channel and an interpreter of the language of Energy. Your body tells me where to go to bring you to your highest, and that's where we go. This is a powerful session that you will feel in your body as it integrates.
Includes a follow up session about a week after to talk about your integration.


The Akashic Records is a sacred space in which your souls past, present, and future are held. All the lives, all the thoughts, emotions, words, everything. We can tap into this ever living stream of energy to facilitate deep healing, clear Karma, retrieve lost parts of ourselves, and ask questions of any kind. The words that are channeled through create a vibration in the body that shift your entire being, brining swift change. 


Akashic Records Reading

One hour in the records

One hour transformation session

Cord Cutting

This session was created by popular demand. I have a lot of clients struggling with moving forward after trauma associated with past relationships of all kinds. Mother/daughter, family members, ex-business partners, ex-significant others, etc. When you experience trauma from someone you trusted or believed in, it can be devastating and have negative effects in your life. Energetically there is a false belief there that needs to be disconnected. That’s the aim of this session, it’s a major cord cutting. Cutting the energetic cord that connects you to the other person, and severing the connection that is no longer serving you will free up your energy to be used and conserved for YOU. The most important place for it to be. If it’s time to move forward from something you know and can feel holding you back, this is the session for you. 



"Ok guys. If you've been contemplating getting reiki or skeptical about the distance sessions and wondering if they work. This chick prepares you for what to expect and what to look out for after, coaches you through what she saw/happened AND LITERALLY DRAWS a pic of what your energy looks like. After my first session I improved my relationship with myself, identified some blocks that were keeping me from moving my business forward ANDDD helped me release a lot of pent up anger I was using to lash out at people I love. Like this shit is invaluable and I already have another follow up session booked. You HAVE to get in on this amazingnesss!!!


Amber Christine, Intuitive Brand Artist, GA

"Vanessa is an incredibly intuitive and gifted healer who is passionate and always a student of her trade. She is ever expanding her energetic tool belt to better serve her clients. I have received both distance Reiki and in person sessions from Vanessa and felt incredible after all of them! I have been a student in her Reiki classes as well and have found all of the attunements to be beneficial for both myself and my clients. I have also had Reiki facials from her and can tell you that you will leave the treatment room feeling rebalanced both inside and out. She’s amazing with product recommendations and really takes the time to figure out what your skin needs and where your current regime is lacking. She’s the best!"

the best

Pamela A., Esthetician, Chicago

"Working with Vanessa has literally changed my life. Her energy work is powerful, potent and effective. Over the years she's led me through my entire Reiki training certification and has given me countless healing sessions with amazing, often instantaneous, results. She has a very clear understanding of the subtle world and the human energy field. Every session or attunement I receive from her creates tangible transformation in my life. I'm now a Reiki Master Teacher myself, with a thriving full-time practice. I'm more aware and attuned to my true self than ever before. Vanessa's healing hands, compassionate guidance and professional expertise have been, and continue to be, a valuable support system for me. She has helped me to live a more authentic, fulfilling and joy-filled life. I whole-heartedly recommend connecting with her if you seek the same fro yourself!

life changing

Amber Renee, LMT & RMT, Chicago

"I am so sad that I moved to NYC and do not get to receive hands-on energy work from Vanessa. She is so special, so caring, so open, and excellent at what she does. She is not like other energy workers (all woo and no results). She is down to earth, fun, light-hearted and real. She was my reiki teacher in Chicago and my healer. Not only did she teach me how to be a better practitioner myself, she brought me healing and comfort during the absolute most difficult times in my life. I was depressed, losing weight uncontrollably, having panic attacks, and suffering every day, and she helped me find calm, sweetness, support and power inside of my own self. Thank you, Vanessa, for all of your love and care, and I look forward to our next session someday!" 

light hearted

Yvonne K., Therapeutic Massage Therapist, NYC

"Vanessa is incredibly talented and genuinely has a light and energy in her that makes her perfect for what she does. Her reiki sessions are incredibly relaxing and she somehow manages to be in multiple places at once!! I never really believed in the power of reiki before I experienced my sessions with Vanessa. I highly recommend!!"


Julia P., RN, Chicago

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